Give What You Lack

A simple strategy to refill your tank.

It’s easy in today’s world to feel that you’re lacking. Everything around us is moving so fast and we are struggling to keep up. Eventually, you get tired of the chase, sit down to rest a minute, and everything you haven’t had time for starts piling up around you. That’s when you start to realize that the chase has left you little time to take care of your basic needs.

That’s when the rut happens. We get stuck in this overwhelming pile with no fuel in our tank to pull ourselves out of it. We desperately search for the best place to make a dent in the pile, all the while draining ourselves more and more. Only when we are filled up can we climb our way out.

How can we break this cycle? Look outward.

Whatever it is that you are lacking and need, give it away to someone else. Instead of drowning in your own mess, you build a fortress of good energy around you.

Feeling unappreciated? Reach out to someone and thank them for something they’ve done for you.

Need some encouragement? Encourage someone you care about to keep working towards a goal they have set.

Want some humor? Send a funny meme in a group text to make your friends laugh.

Need to feel seen and heard? Leave a sticky note on a coworker’s desk to let them know you are thinking of them.

All of these things will come back to you when you put them out into the world. Never forget that when we fill others up, it also fills us up. By giving others what we lack, we end up honing our focus on what these things look and feel like so that we can better recognize and appreciate them when they come back our way.

Cindy Duke
Cindy Duke

Wellness Coach

Cindy is a wife, teacher, and wellness coach. After struggling with her physical and mental health, she is passionate about learning how to take care of her body and mind. Her mission is to help others do the same by finding their inner sparkle and being empowered to take action.

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