How to Really Really Fight Addiction

This is what I’ve heard all my life. Seen on TV. Read in newspapers. Watched on Netflix. Heard in lectures.

Law enforcement is working as hard as it can to stop drugs from coming into our country. The health care system should always include alcohol and drug treatments for everyone. Addiction is a desire, not a choice. Seek help. Addiction is an epidemic in this country. Getting sober is the answer. We need to educate our youth — don’t do drugs! We need to stop drugs from being sold in schools. He/she had everything, how could they still do drugs and ruin their life? What a shame.

This is all true!


Here is what I want to hear. Here is what we should hear, what I believe in all my heart is the problem and the solution, what I see missing so much, what I ache every day to see happen.

Let’s get real here — Addiction is an EMOTIONAL disease, so the best way to experience recovery and get better is with EMOTIONAL healthiness, and that means learning to feel your feelings. All of them.

You can’t solve the addiction problem by working hard to stop addiction from being sold on the streets. You can’t stop the addiction epidemic by only admitting it’s a problem “we” need to address. You can’t stop the addiction that is plaguing the United States with understanding and sympathy, as great as they are.

How do you stop it? You make feelings okay. You make feeling everything okay. You have a town hall meeting and talk about feelings. You write a teaching plan that talks about feelings. You bring feelings to corporate America and to the health care and education systems. You make feelings okay.

We are all humans.

Why are feelings and emotions so scary for us to bring into our daily lives in schools, jobs and politics, even though they are the only thing that can make us better?

The real war on drugs is inside ourselves.

Hi, I’m Maia and I’m an addict.

Maia Akiva
Maia Akiva

Motivational Speaker

Maia is a Motivational Speaker, Entertainer, Facilitator, a reality bender and an emotional researcher who dips into every flavor of human behavior and self-discovery using self-help fiction, magical realism, and original visual storytelling. Originally from Israel. Her plays have been produced in the USA.


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