Do We Need to Sell Out to Make a Sale?

I feel frustrated. I feel misunderstood. I feel saddened.

My small business (I publish a magazine) is thriving in the creative community and is being driven by passion. But I need to grow, which means I need to make money and sell ad space. I’m not a seller at all. I’m too nice. But is that a bad thing?

Why can’t selling be nice? Okay, yes a client wants to feel a level of confidence from the seller, but shouldn’t their deep-rooted passion be this strong. I don’t want to use tactics or see the client as a ‘client’. I want to be honest. I want that wonderful person to be equally as passionate about their own projects and see how much care we’ll give to help them.

Yes, I could easily change my product to be more appealing to the broader public, then get more attention to gain advertisers. But why should I? Why should I throw away everything that we stand for, do what everyone else does, just to get money? That’s not what we’re about.

I’m empowered by the stories of many entrepreneurs making their dreams come true with this same challenge of being different and told they’re wrong. Perhaps one day I shall be one of those success stories. But for now, I’m just a girl with a heart helping to spread positivity and creative expressions with my magazine.

Ruby Kutowaroo
Ruby Kutowaroo

Owner & Editor, Audiation Magazine

Ruby co-founded the eclectic publication for the expression of music and the creative arts. She always felt different, born to wander outside the boundaries of convention and be a shimmer of hope to all. Her heart plays a tune, she dreams of love, and will impart optimism wherever she walks.

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