10 Breaking News Headlines I Wish I Had Received in My Inbox

About 5 years ago I stopped watching the news.

After getting sober, I started having feelings and experiencing sensitivity to things, people and information introduced in my environment. And the news, which focuses more and more on what is not going well at all in the world, was too much for me to handle. I had discovered joy and happiness, peace and compassion, and every time I watched or read the news those four feelings are just crushed, and life feels not good for a bit.

Of course, I don’t want to be ignorant and in denial. I know and accept that all kind of things are happening all the time to people we share this world with. And I love to stay informed.

So, I signed up to receive a big news TV/Website Breaking News emails. Just receiving a headline was my way of staying informed while filtering what I read and what I let into my heart, mind and life.  

But deep, deep inside, my imagination sometimes runs wild with secret desires for breaking news email headlines I wish I would receive.

Here are some of mine. What are yours? 

“This just in – today was a good day!

“In an unprecedented move today, the president signed into law an order declaring the United States Government a non-profit entity, a change in structure and organization that will be felt from the highest ranks all the way down the chains of government as we know it”.

“Millions of people across the US are celebrating Positivity Day today.”

“Today, the UN voted to declare war an illegal act by any country, passing Resolution 1117. The resolutions states that any country that breaks the law and goes to war will be subject to extreme economic sanctions by the UN and all member countries. No exceptions.”

“No more borders. Starting in May 2018 anyone will be able live and work in any country they wish, regardless of where they were born or have legal citizenship. All individuals will be required to abide by all the laws in the country they move to, be they criminal, financial, civil or any other.”

“A new law signed into effect today require new parents to complete a mandatory parenting course in the first two years of their child’s life.”

“The most viewed channel on YouTube is The Good Deeds Channel, where people from all over the world video themselves performing good deeds. It has suppressed all other channels viewing since YouTube’s creation.”

“The 99 Cents store announce today that they will begin carrying select Whole Foods products, providing low-income families with access to healthy food.”

“The government will now provide free Meditation Classes in DMVs across the country.”

“This just in – today was a happy day!”

Maia Akiva
Maia Akiva

Motivational Speaker

Maia is a Motivational Speaker, Entertainer, Facilitator, a reality bender and an emotional researcher who dips into every flavor of human behavior and self-discovery using self-help fiction, magical realism, and original visual storytelling. Originally from Israel. Her plays have been produced in the USA.


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