How Discipline Helped Me Battle Mental Health Issues

You may not know my big secret, so here it is: I battled mental health issues in secret for most of my life.

It was crippling to me and I could never achieve any of the goals I had in life.

It was like living a nightmare that nobody else could see, whilst being totally alone.

I took the following actions to rid myself of the mental health issues that I battled since being a kid:

  1. Set myself challenges each week that challenged my mental health issue. Tasks such as going one hundred floors in an elevator, doing public speaking, going on a plane and sharing vulnerable stories.
  2. Read one book a month to get a new perspective outside of my own limiting beliefs.
  3. Ate food that nourished me rather than made me feel lethargic.
  4. Quit coffee which made my mental health issues worse.
  5. Spoke nicely to myself in the mirror each day before work.
  6. Did ten minutes of meditation every day.
  7. Wrote my thoughts on a blog, four times a week, to do a brain dump and help others.
  8. Told people I cared about, how much they meant to me, as often as I could.
  9. Listened to one inspiring podcast per week to learn something new and hear from others who’ve had mental health issues.
  10. Stopped trying to do too much which only added stress and made my mental health issues worse.
  11. Practiced using airplane mode on weekends to relax and heal.
  12. Jumped on a trampoline daily to get my body moving.
  13. Respected people I disagreed with so I could focus my thoughts on getting better.
  14. Opted out of medication and chose to heal myself properly.
  15. Changed my friendship group to be around people who shared their challenges.
  16. Threw away things that reminded me of the past and made me feel depressed.

All of these actions I took had one thing in common: they required discipline.

I didn’t heal myself of mental health issues by being lazy and sitting on my ass.

“I had to take control of the situation and take regular and predictable actions to reach my goal. It took longer than I thought and I had to be patient”

There were plenty of lows and lots of publicly embarrassing moments.

Discipline showed me progress, though, and that kept me heading towards my goal at a hundred miles per hour.

Fear of missing out and opinions became irrelevant. I became obsessed with my goal and ensuring I didn’t miss any of the action items I’d set for myself.

My entire life changed because discipline allowed me to be in control again. I was no longer scared because I knew that discipline could rescue me from the deepest, darkest place.

It was overcoming mental health issues that partly led me to blogging. Blogging became the replacement for many of the activities I listed above, once I was well again.

I had no followers, no expensive website and not a lot of writing ability.

I allowed discipline to take over and I published every week.

Now I’m here typing these words to you because discipline showed me the power of going beyond one’s self and spreading positivity and real-life, emotional, and actionable advice with the world.

Discipline saved me from mental health issues. It can save you too.

Tim Denning
Tim Denning


As an infamous blogger, Tim currently reaches more than 30 million readers a month. His career began with a blog called which now has more than 4 million subscribers and 140 million views. His vision is to inspire the world through entrepreneurship & personal development.

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