Yes, Your Wildest Dreams Are Possible  —  But You Have to Do This First

The other day I bought a brand new MacBook Pro. That was surreal because I’d wanted it for a LONG time.

Yesterday I bought a Canon 70D. That was surreal because I’ve never had a camera before.

Three weeks ago I bought my plane ticket to the Philippines and last week I booked a place in Bali to stay for a month. That was surreal because, well, BALI.

Ya’ll, these are my wildest dreams.

They’ve been in my wildest dreams folder for the past year and a half, and here I was actually realizing those dreams.

Even My Dad Has Started To Notice

After publishing a post on my blog yesterday about making $2,000 in a day, my Dad got REALLY excited about it.

“You really made $2,000 in a day, Tom?”
I told him I wrote that 4 months ago, and then I told him I made $8,000 last month alone.

“Wow, if you can keep that up, you’ll have an easy life ahead of you.”
Oh Dad, I’ve known this for a while. I’ve steered the ship in this direction for a long time, and virtually nobody expected me to ACTUALLY make landfall.

I don’t even think anybody knew what landfall looked like. They basically just nodded their heads and said “Good for you, Tom” while not understanding a word I was saying.

God bless him — he’s finally seeing what I’ve been seeing. That’s why I’m so excited all the time, because I know what’s coming and what’s already happened.

But Hold Up..

How the hell did I get here?
How do I make money blogging?

What do you need to do to accomplish your wildest dreams?

Well, I don’t want to really answer the first two. Quite frankly my audience has heard enough of my story, and I’ve had enough of writing about it.

With that in mind, I’ll just focus on that last question, there.

What do you need to do to realize your wildest dreams?

Here’s my secret..

Act Like It’s Totally Within Your Reach

You know how many times I felt judgmental stares from people as I talked about going to Bali?
Or blogging full-time?

Blogging makes so much sense to me because I’ve been “IN IT” for years. I know a lot about it and have written hundreds of posts.

For someone brand new to blogging, though, (my parents) me saying I can make a full-time income from the internet is like hearing somebody say they want to train elephants to fly. Shout out Dumbo.

I realize in the old days it used to take years to see a cent from your blogging efforts. With the Medium Partner Program that’s different now, but it’s still a hella long, winding road to reach full-time income.
It’s like telling someone to walk from Washington D.C. to San Francisco. It’s just long (or is it?).

But you know what?

I NEVER thought I wouldn’t be able to do this. I never thought it was beyond me. I had doubts, but I only had doubts about how long it would actually take.

And this is what you need to do yourself.

Give yourself permission to believe.

How Do You Stay So Positive, Tom?

I’m not always positive, ya’ll. I have some really crappy days sometimes where I feel like everything I’ve done is stupid and I need to quit because it’s taking too long.

I feel like a fraud sometimes.

I feel it all.

I read all the blog posts that said making a full-time income online is “really hard” and I received all the nasty comments on MY POSTS telling me that the idea of a life traveling in Southeast Asia is so over-blown and stupid. I got them all.

I think I’m just super stubborn. But for those who aren’t stubborn, here’s a few things to remember when you come into contact with people that say your dreams are either “really, really, really hard” or “stupid.”

People don’t know everything.
People may be jealous of your ambition.
Certain people just might be super negative and want to bring you down with them.

Let me elaborate on that first point a bit..

People don’t know everything. Even the biggest bloggers. Even me. Even people with “decades of experience.”

What makes blogging so cool is that there’s a billion and one ways to reach “full-time income status.” I’ve seen bloggers garner 16,000 email subscribers in 4 months. It’s ridiculous. Every blogger you read out there two years ago said that you need to wait AT LEAST a year to see any money at all from blogging. The rules have changed. They’re awesome, but they made their name as a blogger doing one thing while other ways emerged from the far-flung creative reaches of the internet.

There not much out there that’s 100% true.

People will tell you it “generally takes” X amount of time to start a profitable business, or be a blogger, or write a book, etc. etc.

But this is all based on their past experiences, and the future is only getting brighter.

This mindset is what never left me throughout the last two years.

I always believed.

The only thing I ever doubted was the time it would take me. I wished a lot of times that it would’ve happened sooner for me, but that’s about it.

I don’t know how to explain why I had that mindset, I just did. I just believed.

I wanted to prove everybody wrong. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t like criticism, but thrives under it nonetheless.

It fuels my fire. That’s probably one of my greatest attributes — when somebody misjudges me or underestimates me, it makes me want to prove them wrong. It fuels my blog posts, my late-night adventures at the keyboard, and my desire to learn about online entrepreneurship.

Here’s the point of the article:

You can either wilt underneath the criticism and warnings of “more successful people” or you can bust your ass to prove them wrong. To do this, you need to believe there’s a faster, better way.

Trust me.. there’s ALWAYS a faster, better way.

Now go show everybody how to ACTUALLY do it!

Tom Kuegler
Tom Kuegler

Blogger, Finding Tom

Tom is a writer and travel vlogger from Baltimore, Maryland. He enjoys writing and making films about his adventures, and tries to travel whenever he can. He's currently in Southeast Asia and plans to travel to every country in the world eventually. Don't hold your breath on that--he's still going to try, though.

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