Why the First 3 Months Are My Favorite Time of the Year

Most people fail at keeping their resolutions. Are you one of them?

The first 3 months of the year are my favorite. Why? Because I get to see where I stand with the “talkers” and the “walkers.” Most of us have resolutions – eat better, read more, be consistent with the gym, etc. But how many people actually develop that habit for 67 days so that it becomes part of their lifestyle? Not many.

As much as I believe in comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, I also believe in matching yourself up with the people around you. We live in a world of competition and it’s important to understand that if others are on a successful journey of personal development and success then so can you.

Take a look around you. Look at colleagues, friends, family. See how many actually kept up their resolutions or are improving themselves. Now take a look at yourself…where do you fall amongst everyone? Do you find yourself quitting? Or do you find yourself keeping up with positive habits?

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck’s favorite time of the year is August. He says most people will “relax by the pool and sip on Rosé” while he will put in the hours to find success. No matter what corner you turn, you’re in constant competition with the world around you. You need to choose if you are going to become the predator or prey. The one who eats or the one who gets eaten.

So as you start to become a better version of yourself, find a way to “walk the walk.” If someone orders a salad, you need to order a healthier salad. If someone is studying for an hour, you need to study for 2 hours. If someone works out, you need to work out with more intensity. It’s about building a mindset that sets you apart from others, allowing you to become uncommon amongst uncommon people, as David Goggins says.

You have 67 days. Predator or prey. You choose.

Darshan Shah
Darshan Shah

Medical Student, VCOM Virginia

Darshan is a self-driven, goal-oriented student of life who is passionate about promoting healthy change and success in all endeavors. He's a Medical school candidate at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine with a goal of practicing integrative and functional medicine.

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