March 1, 2013

Kash resigns from GoPro to pursue his purpose and follow his passion – to build #besomebody into the most inspirational platform in the world. He cashes out his P&G 401K, moves out of his San Francisco condo and sells all his furniture to fund the journey. Rick joins him fulltime in this pursuit as the first official employee of Besomebody, LLC. They start their company near family in Austin, TX. The first Besomebody ‘office’ is a 600sq ft apartment in Pflugerville, TX. Kash and Rick build three 8ftx4ft homemade whiteboards as the only office furniture. The first sentence Kash wrote on the boards was “I can do anything, anything is possible.” They never erased that sentence… Years later, those boards remain an integral part of Besomebody culture, traveling from office to office, and city to city.