October 1, 2013

Kash and Rick are joined by three college students on a nationwide college tour, in which they rent a 42-foot long RV, wrap it in “#besomebody”, and travel 15,000 miles across the country to deliver motivational talks at 25 universities for no charge. Colleges visited included the University of Texas, University of Georgia, Rutgers, Yale, University of Cincinnati, University of Arizona, University of Nebraska and the University of North Dakota. Content from these talks and the tour spreads quickly on social media, and then high schools begin asking the team to come speak. Besomebody extends the tour by two weeks in order to add underprivileged high schools to their route. Olympic Gold Medalist (and current UFC Fighter), Henry Cejudo, hears about their mission and joins for the last two weeks of the tour. During this time Kash and the team really begin to learn about the struggles facing students across the country – primarily the disregard for passion-centered curriculum, the lack of experiential learning and the crushing effects of student debt.