April 1, 2014

The company raises $1M from E.W. Scripps, a media and content company and venture firm based in Cincinnati, OH. He runs into Adam Symson, the Chief Digital Officer at the time, at a Starbucks across from the hotel he was staying while in town for other meetings. It was about 10am. Kash pitches the #besomebody app concept to Adam during their 10 minute walk from the coffee shop to center of town. Adam invites Kash to pitch his concept to Scripps CEO, Rich Boehm, at 2pm. Kash pitches Rich, using a 10-slide PowerPoint deck and no product demo or app prototype (he didn’t have the funds to develop it yet). Rich loves the concept and the passion Kash has for it. A few weeks later, Scripps becomes the first institutional investor in the new company – Besomebody, Inc.