June 1, 2016

After randomly pitching at an open casting call in New York City, Kash is selected – and fast-tracked – to appear on the hit Reality TV Series, “Shark Tank.” This is an exciting time as Kash and the team spends time in Hollywood meeting with producers, directors and ‘the sharks.’ The company decides getting ‘a deal’ from the Sharks wouldn’t be financially prudent for current investors – they offer very poor terms! – so instead focuses on putting on a memorable performance to drive TV ratings and social media chatter. The producers love the approach, and share ideas to add ‘more drama.’ Kash shares both the “old” experience app as well as his vision to build the new Besomebody Paths during a 90-minute taping, however the Paths don’t make the cut in the 8-minute TV segment. Besomebody, as expected, gets no deal, however the episode becomes one of the most watched in Shark Tank history when it airs in November 2015. The website traffic surges by 1000%. Mark Cuban tells Kash to “go be somebody bro” in an epic zinger to end the show.