Besomebody’s Innovative Training Program – Besomebody Paths – Spotlighted as One of the Models That Will “Make Traditional Colleges Obsolete”

Besomebody’s Innovative Training Program – Besomebody Paths – Spotlighted as One of the Models That Will “Make Traditional Colleges Obsolete”

The Company’s skills-based, expert-led training and job placement program earns accolades in new book, “A New U: Faster + Cheaper Alternatives to College”

(CINCINNATI – January 26, 2019) – Besomebody, Inc, a Cincinnati-based business innovation firm that specializes in skills-focused training programs that result in guaranteed jobs with Fortune 500 companies, was named one of the emerging models of education that will transform – or make obsolete – many colleges and universities in new book by longtime education advocate and venture capitalist, Ryan Craig. In the book, “A New U: Faster + Cheaper Alternatives to College”, Craig advocates for more “last mile” training programs that focus on the specific skills necessary to attain employment at growing companies.

Besomebody’s last mile training, called Besomebody Paths, focuses on the soft and technical skills needed to succeed at specific jobs with specific employers. Besomebody Paths are typically four to eight weeks long and are always taught in-person by industry experts within the actual work environment. The programs are much faster and much less expensive – Besomebody’s tuition is usually less than the cost of a semester of books at a typical college – and all graduates are guaranteed a job with the sponsoring employer.

“With that kind of value proposition, you’d expect a big reaction. And you’d be right,” said Craig. “A decade from now, the fact that young people were encouraged to load up on debt just as they were starting their careers will seem bizarre and anachronistic – a practice that benefited providers of higher education more than the Millennials they aimed to serve.”

Craig is founder and managing director of University Ventures, an investment firm reimagining the future of higher education and creating new pathways from education to employment. Decades ago, when college tuition wasn’t as high and most graduates were able to land good first jobs, Craig was the beneficiary of a traditional postsecondary education experience with bachelor’s degrees summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Yale University and a law degree from the Yale Law School. Today, due to the rising cost of tuition, the lack of employability of grads and the growing skills gap, Craig is advocating for disruption to the old model.

“We are honored to be included in Ryan’s assessment of strong programs that are disrupting the educational status quo by focusing on skills and jobs instead of grades and degrees,” said Kash Shaikh, Founder and CEO, Besomebody, Inc. “We reverse-engineer traditional education but starting with the employer, and creating a curriculum that’s designed to meet the needs of their business and culture. We focus on soft skills – things like communication and problem solving – as well as the technical skills necessary to succeed starting day one on the job.”

Shaikh and Craig both envision an educational landscape that is more student-focused, delivering strong ROI through job placement. College tuition is 500% more expensive than it was 30 years ago, and student debt has reached a record high.

“In 2016, I saw two crises colliding: the student debt crisis and the skills crisis,” said Shaikh. “Student debt is at record highs – nearly $1.4 Trillion – and, while there are more jobs open in America today than any time in history, only 20% of applicants have the skills they need to get those jobs. Young grads in particular are often left out of the equation. We wanted to take what we’d learned after two years of bringing people together for learning experiences with our previous marketplace, and refocus on helping teach people the tangible skills they need to get jobs they love.”

The initial concept of Besomebody’s first business model was a mobile-driven experience marketplace, where people could learn things they were passionate about from experts in their city. All the experiences were hosted in-person, with more than 400 areas of learning, from piano and pottery to skiing and skydiving. Shaikh pivoted the company in 2016, selling the original marketplace product for an undisclosed amount to Denver-based Utivity in early 2017.

Throughout the 6 years he has worked in the learning and education space, Shaikh has been adamant about in-person training as a core driver of quality learning. And, despite the onslaught of online courses, bootcamps and curriculums, Shaikh has continued to keep Besomebody Paths hands-on and experiential.

“I am not a big believer in online learning,” said Shaikh. “90% of people drop out of online courses after the first lesson. Plus, more importantly, there’s a tremendous value in human connection. Think back to your best classes, or even best jobs. You always remember the teacher, the advisor, the mentor, the manager. It’s the people we learn from, and the people who teach us what we need to know. That’s our focus at Besomebody. And really, it’s always been our focus – bringing experts and learners together for a valuable experience. Now, after that experience, they get a full-time job. And that’s pretty cool.”

Besomebody has Paths programs in wellness, healthcare, hospitality, animal care and general sales. Interested applicants can apply online at The Besomebody Paths program has a 100% job placement rate.

About Besomebody, Inc.
Besomebody, Inc. is a Cincinnati-based business innovation firm that provides recruiting, training, job placement and additional services to Fortune 500 companies. The company’s Besomebody Paths training program provides selected candidates hands-on skills training resulting in guaranteed jobs with partner employers. Besomebody’s Partner Services division provides partner employers a full suite of services, including business strategy, culture mapping, design, and content and software development. Besomebody was founded by former Procter & Gamble and GoPro executive, Kash Shaikh in 2014. The original #besomebody app was launched and scaled globally in 2015 and sold in 2017. Besomebody’s Paths program also began in 2017. Besomebody began as Shaikh’s personal blog in 2011.

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