The 3 Most Important Things to Look For When Hiring a New Employee

The 3 Most Important Things to Look For When Hiring a New Employee

I recently gave a presentation about the future of the American workforce, including navigating a necessary coexistence with automation/AI, focusing on soft skills/EQ when developing training programs, and, most importantly, building and protecting your company culture.

The Q&A after the session was awesome. Such great, insightful questions from the room of mostly young professionals. One question that was particularly exciting for me was about what we prioritize during our own hiring process at Besomebody, Inc. It’s a great question, particularly, because our core business is recruiting, assessing, and training talent for OTHER companies. It was interesting to discuss our own internal process.

While the jobs may be different – our approach is the same.

We believe we can teach people the right skills they need to succeed. We do this every day for Fortune 500 companies around the country, and we do it nonstop within our own walls. But there are some things we can’t teach. And those are the traits we obsessively search for when creating and executing our workforce strategy for both our partners and our own company.

While we do use AI, smart algorithms, and conative questionnaires to help us filter through thousands of people a month, the real power does not come from technology. It comes from an EQ-driven ability to recognize and evaluate the three things I share in this video.

If you don’t have 4 minutes to watch the video, here’s the cheat sheet:

1. Passion: How inwardly and outwardly motivated is the person for the company vision, mission, and opportunity? You can feel this in a few seconds of an interview.

2. Cultural-Fit: How powerfully does the person connect with our company values, principles, and MO? You have to be really clear and self-aware of your company culture to evaluate this during an interview. We involve multiple people during the interview process so the group can assess a prospective employee’s cultural fit.

3. Coachability: How open is the person to being taught, pushed, and challenged to be great? You have to ask some very specific, direct questions to get to the bottom of this; and even then, you really only learn this after the person starts. At Besomebody, every new hire goes through a two-week Bootcamp beginning their first day on the job. The objective is to begin to teach them self-awareness, situational awareness, and sense of urgency – the 3 core pillars of our company MO. After about two weeks, both the employee and our team knows without a doubt if our company is the right place for them. We do a good job on the front end when bringing in people, but we still have about 10-15% of people who do not stay with us after Besomebody Bootcamp.

As you can see, none of the above can be captured from your standard resume. Hiring is a dynamic process that cannot be run on a conveyor belt. It needs to be hands-on, personalized, and intentional. It needs to be soaked in your company’s DNA.

Your people are your most valuable asset and the most critical ingredient to building a great company. There is absolutely nothing more important than the strategy, principles, and process you use to bring on new people to your team.

So toss out those resumes, and really get to know the folks you are hiring.


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