Frequently Asked Questions.

What are Besomebody Paths?
Besomebody Paths give you hands-on skills training for great jobs, with great employers. They’re 100% in-person, the curriculum is created with the hiring companies, and when you complete the Paths program, you’re guaranteed a job. All Paths are managed through our online proprietary software, Path Manager.™
Why did you create these Paths?
Our mission is to make education and employment more accessible, practical and passion-based. There are two crises colliding right now – the student debt crises and the skilled worker crises – that are hurting a lot of people and holding even more back. We believe our Paths can help, and we’re passionate about building that solution.
How did you develop the Paths?
We realized that education and employment were too disjointed. And the current system isn’t working for a lot of people. It doesn’t make sense to spend so much money on education, and then still not be prepared when you start your job. Employers are really frustrated about that. And students aren’t setup for success. So we flipped the model. With our Paths, we start by partnering with amazing companies in high-growth industries to really understand the specific skills you need to succeed at specific jobs. Then we work with those companies to put together a hands-on, skills-based curriculum for each of their open jobs. Then, we bring on industry experts to teach them. And the last step, which is the most exciting, is inviting great candidates who are passionate about the industry and excited to work for that company, to take the Path. Each Path has different requirements based on the Employer and the field, but none of them require a college degree. Candidates that complete the Paths program on time and meet the performance requirements are guaranteed a job with the endorsing Employer.
How do the Paths work?
Once you’re selected for a Besomebody Path, you get access to our Path Manager™ dashboard, skills builder and ratings panel. This is where you can view your upcoming experiences, rate your instructors and check on your own ratings and assessments to make sure you’re on track to complete the Paths program. We’ve built in a two-way rating system, just like all other great marketplaces, so that Candidates have a voice and an influence on their learning and instruction. All of our Instructors need to maintain a high rating in order to keep teaching on our Paths. And all candidates need to meet a performance threshold AND finish on time to be guaranteed a job. You have to put in the work, but when you perform, you’re rewarded for it.
How long are the Paths?
Our Paths are generally about 4-12 weeks long, though it all depends on the job, the industry and the skill level that you’re looking to achieve.
How do Paths benefit employers?
Recruiting, hiring and training are all part of one of the biggest buckets of expenses for all companies. Finding the right talent, making sure they have the right skills, and then making sure they’re the right fit with the company’s culture are huge hurdles for all businesses. How people do on the job – AND why they do it – is so important. We believe passion, skills and experience are the recipe for success. And when you get all those ingredients right, it leads to happier employees, longer retention, a ton of cost savings, and better business results.
How do Besomebody Paths compare with traditional colleges and trade schools?
On average, Besomebody Paths are 10x less expensive, 20x faster, and much more practical than the other alternatives. Traditional colleges focus on grades and degrees while our Paths focus on skills and jobs. And of course, with Besomebody, upon successful completion of the Paths program, you will have a guaranteed job.
What jobs are available through the Paths?
Our Paths begin with your passions. We’ve worked to identify exciting, high-growth industries that offer Candidates a first step into a career they are passionate about. We partner with some of the greatest companies in the country in the fastest growing fields. We are currently piloting Learning Paths in six passion areas: Wellness, Healthcare, Hospitality, Environment, Animals and Automotive.
How do I apply to be a Candidate?
We are opening up Paths in different passion areas along revolving enrollment periods, starting with Wellness and Healthcare. Initial Path enrollment for Wellness and Healthcare begins in the Spring 2017. Early enrollment, on an invite-only basis, is open now. Registration for Paths in other passion areas open later this year. Candidates go through a short online application and are notified if/when selected.
How do I know if the Paths are available in my city?
For now, Path pilots are being conducted with leading Employers in various cities across the U.S. Once ready, we will open those Paths to specific cities, regions or the entire country, depending on demand for those jobs. The number of open Paths will always correspond to the number of open jobs, so that we can guarantee graduates a job.
How does the job guarantee work?*
All Candidates who complete Paths on-time (completion periods are Path-specific, and are shared with all Candidates upon registration) and on-performance are guaranteed a job with the endorsing Employer. “On-performance” means the Candidate met the requirements for the Employer’s predetermined skills ratings. Candidates are rated on a scale of 1-5 per skill, and most Employers require a 3.5 or higher for guaranteed employment. Candidates who meet those requirements will be placed in a job with the endorsing Employer.
I’m an Employer who needs skilled talent, how do I partner with Besomebody?
We are always looking for outstanding Employer partners. Our goal is to help build your business by creating a steady pipeline of skilled, trained and passionate talent that learns what they need to know to do well on the job, at your company. Everyone wins in this model: Employers win with reduced costs for hiring, recruitment and training. Candidates win with practical skills training that leads to a job (not just a degree). And Instructors win because they get paid to teach what they love. We would love to partner with you.
How do I request a Besomebody Path for my company?

We are currently bringing on select employers to participate in pilot programs across the United States. 

How do I know if your Besomebody Path program is good for my company?

If you are actively hiring employees who require specific skills training, Besomebody Paths can be a great enabler for your business. Vocational jobs and/or positions that are best learned through hands-on, on-the-job training are ideal. Our Paths give exceptional Candidates a faster, less expensive, higher quality option than many traditional alternatives. As the Endorsing Employer, you decide the skills needed and you customize and approve the curriculum. You also get real-time performance ratings and reviews for all Candidates in your Path(s).

How does my company manage the Paths?

As an Endorsing Employer, you and your team gain full access to our Path Manager™, an interactive dashboard that provides you with all the information, insights and intel you need on Candidates in your Path. No more relying on a (archaic) paper resume. With our platform you can understand and evaluate the skills your incoming employees have, as well as see how they rank against our fundamental Besomebody Core Competencies (BCC’s)™. 

How would you design and execute the Paths for my company?

First, we meet with you to understand your job openings, hiring process, and the skills needed for your available jobs. Then, we bring on the best instructors – professionals in the field – within your hiring cities to teach those skills. Finally, selected Candidates learn through a series of in-person experiences – all of which teach the specific skills you’ve mandated, and all of which are rated and reviewed by the Instructors – until they complete the Path. Candidates that graduate the Paths on time and meet the pre-established performance requirements are placed in a job with your company.

How will Besomebody Paths save my company money?

Our extensive research of hundreds of companies across dozens of high-growth industries have revealed that recruiting, hiring and training costs represent one of the largest line items on the internal expense sheet. We bring top Candidates to you, and, most importantly, we bring them in trained with the skills they need to deliver on day one.

How will Besomebody Paths get my company better trained talent?

Your company (CEO, HR, hiring manager, etc) sets the skills plan. Then we bring on industry experts to train Candidates on those skills. For example, our Hospitality Paths are led by some of the best chefs and restaurateurs in the city. And our Nutritional Technician Paths are led by Registered Dietitians. 100% of the Paths are in-person, practical, experiential learning – no theory or lectures, just skills and real-life problem solving.

How do you ensure the quality of the Instructors?

Our Instructors go through a rigorous hiring process, and are vetted by Endorsing Employers. They have demonstrated success in the workplace, and proven results in their career. We emphasize professional acumen over educational background, as we have learned that there is not always a correlation between the two.

What is the cost (to Employers) to participate in the Paths?

There is currently no cost to Employers selected to a Path pilot program. 

What is the duration of a Besomebody Path?

The duration of each Path varies depending on the number of skills learned and the hiring urgency of the Endorsing Employer. Currently, our Path pilots run between 4-12 weeks.

Which industries are the Paths available?

We are currently conducting Path pilots across the United States in six exciting, high-growth industries – Healthcare, Wellness, Hospitality, Environment (Energy), Animals (Animal Care) and Automotive. We chose these industries based on several criteria, including job outlook, vocational approach and passion area of our community members. 

Are the Paths limited to certain locations or cities?

No. We can create and execute Paths anywhere in the United States that you have hiring needs.

What commitment does my company need to make to participate?

During our pilot, there is no cost to Endorsing Employers. The only required commitment is a specific number of job openings and guaranteed Candidate hirings. Graduating Candidates who finish on time and meet performance standards will be guaranteed a job at your company within 60 days of completion.

If you don’t see your questions answered here, please contact us at support@besomebody.com.