Nutrition Technician.

Help people live happier lives with healthier food choices.

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  • Total Duration:

    4 weeks, 16 Experiences

    Job Status:

    Full-time, Guaranteed

    Enrollment Open:

    Fall 2017
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    Employer Benefits.

    Besomebody Benefits Rating (BBR): A+
  • Job Description.


    Promote and implement Kroger Health and nutrition programs in stores for associates and customers. Under the direction of a registered dietitian nutritionist, work cross functionally with existing resources at The Little Clinic (TLC), Pharmacy and retail divisions to enhance health and wellness and nutrition programs. Demonstrate the company’s core values of respect, honesty, integrity, diversity, inclusion and safety.

    Essential Job Functions
    • Work closely with store managers on store initiatives that involve health and wellness.
    • Be the main point of contact for all Kroger Health services and programs - Dietitian Services, TLC and Pharmacy - in your assigned store.
    • Provide basic nutrition education to associates.
    • Prepare and present easy-to-make, healthy meals.
    • Assist departments in merchandizing “better for you” foods.
    • Walk the store to engage and help customers find non-disease specific “better for you” products.
    • Answer customers’ basic questions about products and supplements.
    • Market nutrition counseling services to associates and customers.
    • Coordinate with the pharmacy and providers at TLC on health and wellness programs.
    • Represent the division at wellness fairs and events to promote healthy living tips and products.
    • Promote and conduct general nutrition “walk and talk” tours.
    • Attend huddles each day with associates.
    • Train associates on the basic nutrition attributes of products in their departments.
    • Confirm all nutrition/wellness signage is appropriately placed and visible.
    • Coordinate monthly wellness festivals with Pharmacy, TLC, external partners and departments.
    • Must be able to perform the essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodation.

    • Puts the Customer First - Anticipates customer needs, champions for the customer, acts with customers in mind, exceeds customers’ expectations, gains customers’ trust and respect.
    • Communicates effectively and candidly - Communicates clearly and directly, approachable, relates well to others, engages people and helps them understand change, provides and seeks feedback, articulates clearly, actively listens.
    • Achieves results through teamwork – Is open to diverse ideas, works inclusively and collaboratively, holds self and others accountable, involves others to accomplish individual and team goals.
    • Leads through positive influence – Demonstrates strong character; builds partnerships; models a conscious balance between work and personal life; takes personal responsibility for own development; role models leadership qualities such as motivation, inspiration, passion and trust.
    • Coaches and develops others - Develops and cares about associates, builds effective teams, helps people be their best, values and manages diversity, provides candid and constructive feedback.
    • Leads change and innovation - Challenges the status quo, embraces technology, puts forward creative ideas, champions and implements process improvements, gathers the ideas of others, demonstrates good judgment about which ideas will work.
    • Executes with excellence - Is action oriented, drives for results, sets clear expectations and milestones, reviews progress, acts decisively, solves problems, can be counted on to consistently meet or exceed goals.
    • Provides clear and strategic direction - Plans and organizes well, sets a clear and simple course of action, stays focused on the most important priorities, has the ability to visualize and plan for the future, understands the industry and marketplace.
    • Safety Awareness -Identifying and correcting conditions that affect employee safety; upholding safety standards.

    Potential Career Path from this position

    Retail Dietitian.

    Path Overview.

    Experience 1: Welcome to Nutrition Tech at Kroger.

    Welcome to Nutritional Tech at Kroger! You will get to know your instructors as we dive right in to learning about Kroger's Mission and background. You'll learn the retail environment in terms of retail nutrition and customer engagement and how we can best meet our customer's health and wellness needs. Each Candidate will get to share a bit about himself/herself, and we'll discuss facts and fallacies and how nutrition has helped or hurt our lives.

    Skills Learned:

    Basic Nutritional Comprehension

    Experience 2: Food & Store Safety Training (off-site).

    Your training today will take place at the Kroger Cincinnati Division Office at 150 TriCounty Parkway, Cincinnati. We'll discuss why safety matters in nutrition and wellness, and go over Kroger's approach to safety. You'll learn how to maintain a safe and sterile work environment, including when sampling products and food. You'll also learn how and when to escalate an issue to your manager if you notice something awry, or if a customer tells you something that needs immediate attention. Complete Kroger's Food Safety Program.

    Skills Learned:

    Safety Awareness, Food Safety Understanding

    Experience 3: Business 101 & Customer Engagement.

    This experience will teach you how to approach strangers in a welcoming, exciting and engaging way. A core part of your job will be connecting with people in the store, and much of the work begins before you even begin a conversation about Health and Wellness. You need to get them interested in you by first learning about them.

    Skills Learned:

    Customer Engagement, Grocery Store Expertise, Communication, Marketing

    Experience 4: Nutrition Basics.

    We'll discuss the fundamentals of good nutrition and how we can help customers use MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines in shopping around the store with nutrition messages.

    Skills Learned:

    Grocery Store Expertise, Basic Nutritional Comprehension, Wellness Comprehension

    Experience 5: Food Label & Nutrition Store Tour.

    We'll take a walking tour of the store to dive deep into Food Labels. You'll learn about what everything on the label means, why it matters, and discuss how you can share that information with customers.

    Skills Learned:

    Communication, Food Label Understanding, Basic Nutritional Comprehension

    Experience 6: Food Makeover & Nutrition Store Tour (continued).

    As a group, we will talk through modifying preferences to build a healthier diet. You'll first watch and listen as your instructor talks through some suggestions. Then, you'll offer your own insight and recommendations and complete an in-store activity with your knowledge. You'll get real-time feedback as you go, so you continue to hone your skills.

    Skills Learned:

    Creativity, Communication, Problem Solving, Basic Nutritional Comprehension

    Experience 7: Nutrition Presentation Preparation.

    We'll discuss all the key elements to putting together an exciting in-store presentation/station - how and where to set-up, what tools you can use, how to get other associates involved and on-board, how to market your station/presentation, and how to attract the most customers.

    Skills Learned:

    Creativity, Communication, Basic Nutritional Comprehension

    Experience 8: Nutrition Technician Shadow Day #1 - Including Nutrition Presentation Execution.

    On this day, you will spend time with a seasoned Nutrition Technician providing a sampling event to customers practicing set-up, engagement, marketing, and clean-up.

    Skills Learned:

    Customer Engagement, Communication, Product Marketing, Basic Nutritional Comprehension, Marketing

    Experience 9: Marketing Dietitian Services & The Little Clinic.

    We will be joined by one of our Dietitians and the Regional Clinical Director of The Little Clinic and learn all about the programs and the services they provide. You'll learn the best way to communicate these programs - and their benefits - to customers. The more people participating in our health and wellness programs, the more measurable an effect we have on building healthy communities.

    Skills Learned:

    Communication, Marketing

    Experience 10: Cooking Basics & Working as a Team.

    In this Experience, you'll learn the key strategies to cooking for a healthy lifestyle and practice your knife skills. Plus, we will plan for a sampling day of a recipe that promotes healthy eating and is economical.

    Skills Learned:

    Meal Preparation, Creativity, Communication, Basic Cooking, Collaboration, Marketing

    Experience 11: Sample Event Working as a Team.

    In this Experience, we will work in teams to set-up and execute a healthy recipe sampling event. We will engage with customers and provide key nutrition and marketing messages. Each candidate will experience each role from food preparation to customer engagement to marketing.

    Skills Learned:

    Customer Engagement, Meal Preparation, Communication, Basic Cooking, Product Marketing, Marketing

    Experience 12: Eating on a Budget.

    You will learn ways to help customers stick to their shopping budget while finding healthy choices in the aisles. We will discuss what Kroger has to offer to help customers find nutritious foods within their budget following their preferences.

    Skills Learned:

    Communication, Problem Solving, Basic Nutritional Comprehension, Meal Planning

    Experience 13: Nutrition Technician Shadow Day #2.

    This day will give you more of an idea of what a day in the life of a Nutrition Technician includes such as planning, communicating with associates and marketing programs.

    Skills Learned:

    Communication, Marketing

    Experience 14: Associate Training Planning.

    In this Experience, we will choose the aisles in the store where we will focus the Associate Training walk and talks. We will each select an aisle and, using the information we have learned in the training, plan key nutrition messages and tips to create a walk and talk script which best educates the associate on the specified food aisle.

    Skills Learned:

    Communication, Product Marketing, Basic Nutritional Comprehension, Marketing

    Experience 15: Associate Training Day & Final Prep.

    Now it's your turn to be the Instructor! You'll each spend time teaching each department core aspects of Nutrition within their department, including: how to read a food label, the basics about ingredients, understanding the food groups, understanding “better for you” products in their department and answering any other basic questions they have.

    Skills Learned:

    Customer Engagement, Grocery Store Expertise, Communication, Food Label Understanding, Product Marketing, Basic Nutritional Comprehension, Marketing, Oral Presentation

    Experience 16: Final Event & Wrap Up.

    Now it is time to take everything you have learned in your training and put it in to practice for the final Wellness Event. As a group, you will plan, prep, execute and evaluate the event. Your instructor will be available to guide you along the way.

    Skills Learned:

    Customer Engagement, Safety Awareness, Grocery Store Expertise, Communication, Food Label Understanding, Collaboration, Product Marketing, Food Safety Understanding, Basic Nutritional Comprehension, Marketing