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Jen Bricker.
Author, Aerialist, Acrobat.
Location: Los Angeles, CA.
Besomebody Ambassador Since: 2014.
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"I had no idea that I was different. I mean, none. I knew from as early as I can remember that I was adopted, I knew I was Romanian, I knew that most likely the reason that I was given up for adoption was because I didn’t have legs. That was never – that was just a fact. I love the fact that I’m small and that I’m strong. I feel cute. I like being tiny. I truly never had a hang up about that.

When I think about my childhood, it’s just happy. There are only good memories - happiness, love, support and encouragement. My parents never set limits for me so I never set limits for myself. I just kept going with my thoughts and my dreams and who I wanted to be and how far I could go. And anyone can do that, anyone can provide that environment for someone.

My whole identity and my entire purpose in life is dependent upon on the fact that I don’t have legs. I just always knew I was meant to be born like that – to do what I’m supposed to do in life. And it’s not about me, it’s about what can be done through me."
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