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Joe Labuschagne.
Distance Runner & Philanthropist.
Location: London, United Kingdom.
Besomebody Ambassador Since: 2011.
"I've always been into sports. At school I was a fairly good athlete but what really interested me was using sports to help others. At 17 I did my first ultrarun of 274km in 5 days to help an orphanage.

I can remember that it was one of the hardest things I have done.

My grandfather supported me and I remember sitting crying under a bridge saying I can't do this. He sat next to me and said if I really want I should get in the car and we can go home. I looked at him, got up and continued. Later after the run he told me that that was the moment that made him very proud. That feeling always stays with me and when the going gets hard I remind myself of not quitting.

So I've never stopped. I try and do something big every so often, as I feel I can change lives and I can make a difference. I feel I can #besomebody.

My job as a teacher also allows me to share my passion with kids. To show them how great it feels to give and how they can make a difference in other people's lives. I share my adventures with them and that in itself is very fulfilling to expose them to charity and adventure.

I believe that living our lives have become only about ourselves. We hardly look left or right in our daily existence. We don't dare to share and give to someone we don't know. The greatest feeling I have experienced is giving and expecting nothing in return.

I have come a long way in life but I am at the point where I own almost nothing and that doesn't bother me as what I am giving is worth more than having. That is what I see as #besomebody and that is what I love about my current adventure. I have embarked on a year of running from Cairo to Cape Town in aid of African children. Providing water, sanitation and education to children across Africa. It's a hard journey with 1800km completed and still 10200km to go. It has its challenges but it also has its rewards.

All I can say is go out and live your dreams, share your dreams and #besomebody."
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