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Kristine Lilly.
2X Olympic Gold Medalist & World Cup Champ.
Location: Austin, TX.
Besomebody Ambassador Since: 2015.
"Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always believed, believed that I could do anything.

Growing up in Wilton, Connecticut, I fell in love with soccer early on. By the time I reached High School, and at the age of only 16, I had the opportunity to join the United States Women’s National Team. When I received this opportunity, I didn’t even know there was a Women’s National Team! I was thrown feet first into what was truly the beginning of my journey in doing what I love. I’ve been so fortunate to play the world’s game all over the planet, meet so many amazing people and inspire so many girls around the world.

With all the great things I’ve been able to do, I have definitely had to fight through tough times for it. Whether it’s fighting through pain after playing so many World Cup games in a row to even greater challenges, such as changing the face of a sport of over the last 30 years, I keep going because I love it. And, I know it’s bigger than me. Now through my soccer camps and coaching at the University of Texas, I get to influence girls of all ages, as well as watch my own daughters find their way. This is why I continue doing what I love. Always believe."
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