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Zuzu Perkal.
Graffiti Artist.
Location: Austin, TX.
Besomebody Ambassador Since: 2013.
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"I fell madly in love with graffiti the first day of my 9th grade year in high school. I sat next to a boy that was tagging a piece and like had this moment where I had no idea what that was but I was really entranced by it and we became best friends.

And then, a couple years later, I ended up in a relationship with another artist and he eventually just like threw a can in my hand and was like, “Let’s go. I’m gonna teach you how to paint.” And we went under a bridge and I painted my first piece. It was a total disaster… in an awesome way.

Then it just became kind of a lifestyle. It was a hobby then became a career. Creating the lifestyle, and bringing in enough money to live that life by doing art and all of these things that I love has been really challenging. I did many, many, many projects for free but I think that’s part of the process.

To be great at anything, there’s this phase of really really intense hard work where you put everything into it and you don’t get a lot back. There are times where I am so overwhelmed and stressed out that it’s hard to be creative. It’s hard to create beautiful things or to follow my dream when I’ve got 150 things to do, everything’s due, and I don’t have money and I’m struggling to figure it all out.

I think that you have to just persevere through that. You’ve got to ground yourself, be positive, and just re-live that dream in your mind over and over again until you find yourself in the middle of that path again."
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