Our Values.

This is how we build. This is what we believe.

“After traveling across the world, speaking to countless people, and searching in endless places, I finally found the key to happiness. And the irony was that I actually never had to go anywhere at all. Because it’s in me. It’s in you. It’s in all of us… It’s gratefulness. Gratefulness is the single source of sustained happiness. Appreciating who you are, and what you have, and what you can give – that is what leads to happiness. And the beauty of this discovery is that you realize it all starts and ends with you. It’s how you choose to view the world. It’s how you decide to look at your life. It’s what you focus on, and what you fuels you. A simple thought can change everything.”

– Kash Shaikh, Founder, Besomebody, Inc.


We believe in the fire inside you. You have to love what you are building, why you’re building it, and who you are building it for… You may not always love every touchpoint or every task, but if you’re passionate about the bigger elements and broader purpose, you can do big things. If not, you won’t be happy. You won’t feel fulfilled. And you will never unleash your greatness. At Besomebody, passion is part of our DNA, and it lives and breathes in our words, actions and mission.


We believe in telling the truth. No games. No spin. No BS. We believe that honest, empathetic and respectful dialogue cuts out unnecessary tension, friction and politics. We like to keep it real – with our team, with our partners, with our instructors, and with our candidates. With everybody.


We believe the time is now. We are constantly creating and moving within a perpetual state of action, and an always-on sense of urgency. It’s controlled, not chaotic. It’s focused, not frenzied. But we want to get things done. No waiting, or wishing, or wondering. No analysis paralysis. Intentional speed is one of our greatest assets.


We believe you have to know yourself first. Self-awareness is a critical precursor to success. You have to understand your strengths and weaknesses, your wants and needs, your motivations and misgivings. Once you’re equipped with this knowledge of you, you can best attack problems, offer solutions, and engage with efficiency and effectiveness. And, importantly, If you don’t know yourself, our team is here to help. We’ll hold up the mirror. It’s up to you to accept and embrace (or evolve) what you see.


Bottom line: if it’s your work, it’s your responsibility. All of it. No excuses. Ownership is caring about the details, staying on top of the follow-up, and picking up the pieces when they bend, break or fall. True leaders understand that ownership has no correlation to title or tenure. It comes from a genuine desire (and yep, passion) to make a difference, and an unmistakable commitment to the vision, mission and team. NO EXCUSES.


We believe we are all more similar than we are different. And it’s those common bonds of humanity that allow us to build a better world. Our shared passions, emotions and challenges enable mutual respect and holistic understanding. However, we all bring something special to the table. And that uniqueness is how we define diversity. While traditional classifications of race, religion, culture and gender are well-noted, we get most excited by diversity of ideas, approaches and experiences. We want to be enriched and educated and pushed by all types of people, from all sorts of places, who’ve done all kinds of things.


We believe in being open and upfront. We don’t often hold back. We give clear, constructive feedback. We realize that full transparency can sometimes be unexpected, or even awkward at times; however, we believe that if we cut to the chase, share what we really know and how we truly feel, then, together, we will come up with bigger ideas and better solutions. We reveal the good, the bad and the ugly, and then we work through it all together.


We believe we are here to help, give and serve. We understand the value of great experiences, and we know the details make all the difference. We want people to feel heard and empowered and at ease. We believe if we operate with a service-driven mindset – for our candidates, instructors, partners and community – then we all win. And life is better when we all win.


We believe that greatness is the bar. And as soon as that bar comes within reach, we push it higher. We push ourselves, and each other. We understand the responsibility that comes with repping “#besomebody.” We realize it’s bigger than us. So we honor that reality by committing to do great work. Our best work. And we believe the ingredients to that greatness are equal parts belief, passion, and relentless work ethic. Good is not good enough. We want to be great.


We are grateful for the opportunity to create our dreams. We are thankful for the chance to help others. We are humbled by the responsibility to build something of significance. We are grateful.